You deserve a life of luxury

About Us: Meet The CEO

Welcome to Diamond Luxury Laces, my name is Diamond; Owner and CEO of Diamond Luxury! We started as a small black owned business in Baltimore that has grown tremendously over the years, now shipping throughout the US! 

As a company we stand for Black Women in Luxury! We know the stigma that phrase  holds! For some odd reason according to society black girls and women are not deemed worthy enough to wear things of luxury and if they are they get frowned upon. Well not here! We want all our beautiful black women to experience LUXURY!

I started from the ground up. I created my business with little to nothing. Just like many I admired the influencers and celebrities and wanted the "IT' look but I didn't have the "IT" money so I found other ways to achieve "The Look" for less! I may not have been able to afford hair for thousands of dollars but that was okay because I still found quality hair that could fit my budget all while giving the same appearance that the influencers had! 

Luxury things are not just about designer and name brand, it is a LIFESTYLE. It is the way you carry yourself, the way you give back to your community, the way you take care of yourself, the energy you exude, etc

Here we offer luxury hair at affordable prices! We offer custom units where you can choose from your everyday hairstyles to the trendiest hairstyles! At DLL we want our customers to be whoever they want to be, do not limit yourself to what society labels you as, choose for yourself who you want to be! You, Yes You! You deserve a life full of luxury are you ready for it?

We soon hope to offer different hair packages for different price ranges! Always Remember it does not matter where you start but what matters is where you finish!

Thanks for all the support we couldn't have done it without you!